Battery characterization/modeling

Li-Ion batteries are complicated chemical devices. Battery dimensioning is difficult and often the manufacturer's data is not complete or only cell specific performance is available.

Hybria's proprietary battery modeling method is based on careful characterization of a battery module. Charging and discharging in several temperatures provide data for accurate model including both voltage and temperature behavior as funcntion of load current.

When module has been modeled, it's easy to simulate the behavior of different type of module configurations (xSyP) with different load cycles. The changing capacity and impedance of aging battery can be easily updated into model. It's easy to check that what is battery behavior in the end of life.

Driveline simulations

With Hybria's simulation tool we can in two weeks calculate the benefits and drawbacks of electrification / hybridisation of YOUR vehicle in YOUR duty cycle. Hybria's proprietary simulation tool will also show the actual loads of each component such as battery and motor controllers. This allows accurate estimation of lifetime costs and realistic load data for component suppliers.

Other services

Hybria has a very long and wide experience of electric drivetrains and Li-Ion-batteries. We are able to help you almost in any problem related to these topics.